Many of us suffer from the pursuit of H.I.A. "Having It All".  We constantly strive for more.

More money, more happiness, more time with our loved ones, more alone time.  We want it ALL.

However, our lives and the world around us are in a constant state of flux.  External factors such as pandemics, economic downturns, job security, family needs etc. shift our priorities and "having it all" becomes unrealistic and unachievable.

The question is not "how can I have it all" but rather "what do I need to be happy and sustain happiness"?










We believe that sustained happiness is a result of honoring our Core Values.  Core values are those which are intrinsic to who we are and what is most important to us.  When we are living a life that aligns with our core values, we feel fulfilled, happy, at peace.  When we are living a life the is not aligned with our core values, we experience frustration, detachment, anger, sadness.



The Pregnant Pause uses Core Energy Coaching to help clients identify, align and live their lives honoring their Core Values.  During sessions clients identify pain points, remove barriers and challenge limiting beliefs.  They are taught to navigate challenging situations, seize opportunities and sustain fulfilling relationships.  Through this process, clients create sustainable happiness.


"Coaching, a methodology that positively influences and supports constructive change in individual perspectives, emotional reactions, and behavior patterns of leaders, workers, and whole organizations. Core Energy Coaching is based on the two-fold understanding that humans are, at the core, energetic beings and that the quality and amount of core energy a person experiences daily will determine his or her overall potential to pursue goals and experience fulfillment. In the business world, when leaders learn to harness their core energy productively and train their employees to do the same, people and companies change for the better. Workplace relationships improve, communication increases, teamwork intensifies, productivity rises, and profits grow." -Lynn Waldorf, PhD CPC

Core Energy Coaching Research Paper

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