Hi, and welcome to The Pregnant Pause. 


I'm Jordan, WorkLife balance disruptor, Certified Core Values Coach and serial Entrepreneur.  Throughout my career I have relied on my emotional intelligence and entrepreneurial spirit to guide my success. I have always been ambitious and career driven.  I have also always wanted a family.


In 2013, after launching two companies, maintaining a leadership role for a hospitality firm and struggling with infertility, I gave birth to twins.  "How different can raising two babies be?" my husband and I commented when we brought the newborns home.  Like many new parents, we had blissfully under estimated how drastically things would change.  Not only had our family doubled, but so did our financial needs. 


When my kids turned three, I accepted a new job, leading Sales & Marketing for a  hospitality start-up.   I relished the opportunity to excel and earn a hefty paycheck.  Sure, there would be some sacrifices along the way, but I was determined to create the life that I had always wanted.  We would "have it all".


Within a year,  my team had doubled as had the size of our portfolio.  Technology gave me the ability to work from anywhere, at anytime and, I did.  I prided myself on showing up for my kids plays, recitals, classes.   Certainly watching them while texting or checking email was no big deal.   "This is what successful working parents do." I told myself time and time again.  


By all appearances, we were. thriving. On the inside however, I feared I was failing everyone around me, including myself.  I was in a constant struggle, questioning my decisions , my judgement and what effects they would have on my career or me and my family's happiness. I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted and creatively depleted.  Worst of all, I had come to believe that this was "just the way it is".  


In 2016, my employer offered their leadership team a new benefit: working with a corporate coach.  I I assumed a coach meant someone who would focus on increasing revenue and optimizing  productivity. Instead, she asked  was "What are your core values?"  That seemingly basic question gave me my first 'a-ha' moment.  My behaviors were not aligning with my values. A cosmic shift began...


After three months of coaching, I was noticeably different.  With every major decision I would ask myself "how does this align with my values?"  Asking the question helped me focus on what were true priorities, rather than things I thought I "should" do.


Within six months, I had become more engaged and empowered at work.  I was taking on new projects and was asked to lead a focus group for working parents. At home, I was happy and present with my kids.  I no longer felt the need to check my phone every five minutes or return emails at all hours.  I had developed boundaries. My creative juices, which had been dormant for so long, were flowing again. The transformation was so powerful, it sparked a passion to learn more about the field of coaching.  


I began studying with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and received my degree as a Certified Professional Coach the following year.   In January 2019, it was time to leave the corporate world and follow my passion.  I launched The Pregnant Pause, a coaching firm dedicated to ambitious leaders who "want it all" but don't know how to get there.

**Jordan is a CPC, PCC and ELI-MP.  In addition to The Pregnant Pause, Jordan is the owner and C.E.O. of JH Consulting, a consulting firm providing strategic solutions for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

"Jordan's well-honed skills make her a compassionate and empowering coach. Her ability to listen closely, help clients uncover blocks that have been limiting their success, and garner desired results- is powerful.

Melissa V.-Executive Director, Leadership & Professional Development

"I highly recommend Jordan Hendin’s coaching services!  She helped me immensely.  Not only did we work on the initial issue that I contacted her about, but we uncovered obstacles that I wasn’t even aware of until we delved deeper.  I cannot say enough positive things about Jordan!"

Marie R.-Certified Patient Navigator


"Jordan's coaching has helped me gain clarity on my thoughts and ideas in building and growing my business.  She challenges me to get out of my own way, step out of my comfort zone and continue to take action in a way that feels authentic and genuine to me." 

Anna S.-Entrepreneur & Business Owner

I worked with Jordan to help me work through some personal transitions and establish my own practice. Jordan quickly identified my internal and external obstacles and gave me the tools to overcome them. She creates a space of non-judgment and has a keen but gentle way of pointing out weaknesses. I have been able to achieve more in the last six months than I ever could have without Jordan."

Robert R.-Working Parent & C.E.O.