Jordan Hendin is a Certified Professional Coach and work/life balance disruptor with over 20 years of Sales & Marketing leadership experience in the Hospitality industry.

After becoming a mother to twins in 2013, Jordan experienced first-hand the duality of being a successful executive and dedicated parent.  

"I was constantly juggling equally important priorities, work and home.  The struggle to successfully balance these two worlds felt like a 'lose/lose'  proposition."

In 2016 Jordan began working with a corporate coach, a benefit provided by her then employer, and a cosmic shift began.  She enrolled in IPEC's Professional Coaching Program and subsequently received her coaching certificate. 

Through her work with The Pregnant Pause Jordan empowers working women;  helping them pursue their journeys to the c-suite without having to compromise ambition over family.

Jordan is a native New Yorker who lives in the West Village with her husband  and their twins Avery & Olivia.  In addition to The Pregnant Pause, she is the owner and operator of JH Consulting, a consulting firm providing strategic hospitality solutions for companies in the co-working and real estate space.



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