"Jordan's well-honed skills make her a compassionate and empowering coach. Her ability to listen closely, help clients uncover blocks that have been limiting their success,

and garner desired results- is powerful." 

- Melissa V.

"Jordan's coaching has helped me gain clarity on my thoughts and ideas in building and growing my business.  She challenges me to get out of my own way, step out of my comfort zone and continue to take action in a way that feels authentic and genuine to me." 

-Anna S.

Jordan is a Certified Professional Coach and Work/Life balance disruptor with over 20 years as an entrepreneur & corporate leader.  After becoming a mother in 2013, Jordan experienced first-hand the duality of being a successful professional & dedicated parent. 

"I was constantly juggling equally important priorities, work and family.  The struggle to successfully balance these two worlds was a daily battle that became a  lose/lose situation."


In 2016, Jordan was referred by a colleague to a corporate coach. 
"I was asked to identify my  top three Core Values, which was surprisingly difficult.  Then the coach asked how I was honoring those values in my day-to-day life, both at work and home.   I had my first 'a-ha' moment.  My actions were not aligned with my values."  A cosmic shift began...


After four months of coaching, Jordan was noticeably different.  She was feeling fulfilled and empowered at work.  At home, she was happy and preset with her kids.  Her creative juices, which had been dormant, were flowing again. The experience was so powerful, it sparked a passion to learn more about the field of coaching.  


Jordan enrolled in IPEC's Professional Coaching Program & received her degree as a Certified Professional Coach.   In January 2019, it was time to leave the corporate world and follow her passion.  She launched The Pregnant Pause, a coaching firm specializing in supporting women like herself.


Through her work with The Pregnant Pause, Jordan empowers clients;  guiding them to pursue professional ambitions while honoring their core values and successfully navigating the roles of leader, partner and parent.

Jordan is a native New Yorker who lives in New York City with her husband  and their twins Avery & Olivia.  In addition to The Pregnant Pause, she is the owner and CEO of JH Consulting, a consulting firm providing strategic solutions for entrepreneurs and start-ups.